Personal Financial Plan

Rich people are rich because they control the flow of money and the poor people are poor because they do not know how to do it. Most of the financial problems caused by a lack of personal control over cash flow
Robert Kiyosaki

v. New Dashboard and Periods 6/22/2015

Added Period entity (no possibility to manage yet). Using Periods you can manage start or end of period balance and also you can easy navigate to previous or next period
Added dashboard. Now you can see basic statistic. I hope it would be useful. If you have suggestions you can email me using support[at]

New Main Page 5/20/2015

Now FPLAN.PRO has new main page. It helps to get new users and improves ratings for search engines.

New design 3/19/2015

FPLAN.PRO has new design. It improves user-friendly for users. Added list filters to help data searching and aggregating.


Fill all form fields. All fields are required


Add income or expenditure operation to system. Items help to structure incomes, expenditures. Share items access to relatives to help you


You can specify the planned cash flow for each item, to bind to a specific period, a specific date. Plan the necessary operations, single or repetitive


Determine the projected cash flow for a certain period, a specific date. It is possible to take into account the planned operation.

 – not implemented yet. Feature would be changed